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Useful Information

Access by car

Placed in the Plain of Banat, Timişoara is a major road link at the junction between the European roads E671 to Arad, and E70 to Lugoj and Belgrade, while the connection with Hungary is made by the National road DN6 to Cenad.

The city is situated on the IVth Pan European corridor of transport and has access, due to the Bega river, to the VIIth European corridor. 

In the north part of the city Timisoara there is a ring road, and since December 2011 the highway Timisoara - Arad is in function.

Here are some road distances, useful for tourists, starting from Timisoara:

Timişoara – Bucharest: 560 km.
Timişoara – Belgrade (Serbia): 160 km.
Timişoara – Budapest (Hungary): 275 km.
Timişoara – Vienna (Austria): 520 km.
Timişoara – Szeged (Hungary): 115 km.
Timişoara – Vrset (Serbia): 80 km.
Timişoara – Cenad: 80 km.
Timişoara – Moravita: 62 km.
Timişoara – Arad: 52 km.
Timişoara – Sibiu: 275 km.
Timişoara – Braşov: 425 km.
Timişoara – Cluj: 333 km.
Timişoara – Reşiţa: 100 km.
Timişoara – Baile Herculane: 180 km.
Timişoara – Deva: 158 km.
Timişoara – Orşova: 195 km.


The national currency is the LEU – the plural LEI (official exchange rate at 17.07.2014: 1 Euro = 4.4348 LEI). Official payments are made in LEI.

Recommended Hotels

NORTH STAR CONTINENTAL HOTEL 3 Revoluţiei 1989 Bd. 0040-256-494144 www.hotelcontinental.ro
TIMISOARA HOTEL 1-3 Mărăşeşti Str. 0040-256-498862 www.hoteltimisoara.ro


Public Transportation

The public transportation is assured by Regia Autonoma de Transport Timisoara (RATT)  

Restaurants in Timisoara

In Timişoara there is a wide variety of restaurants. Local cuisine has as main ingredient meat, in the good Central European tradition. But most certainly you will also find vegetarian dishes. The most restaurants have international menus, but restaurants with Romanian traditional food are also very much appreciated. In addition to these you can find also restaurants with Italian, Chinese, Serbian, Lebanese or Japanese cuisine.

Recommended Restaurants

Casa cu Flori Str. Alba Iulia, 1 +40 256-435080 www.casacuflori.ro
Tinecz Calea Aradului, 51 +40 256-295135 www.tinecz.tripod.com
Sky Str. C. Brediceanu, 10  etaj 6 +40 356-170380 www.casadelsole.ro/en
Casa Bunicii Piaţa Mocioni,8 or Str. Virgil Onitiu, 3 +40 356-100870 www.casa-bunicii.ro

Cultural institutions

Museums, collections, galleries

The following museums can be visited in Timisoara:

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