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About Timisoara

Located at the crossing point of some of the most important trade roads that connect the West to the East, TIMISOARA is the most important town of the largest Romanian county and an important historical, economic, financial, cultural and scientific centre.

The population of Timisoara is of about 400,000 inhabitants and is made up mostly of Romanians, who live and work together with Hungarians, Germans, Serbians and Bulgarians, as Timisoara is a symbol of democracy, solidarity and ethnic tolerance.

Due to the large number of parks, public gardens, squares and green spots, Timisoara has earned its name of “Garden-Town”. It was the first European town with lectrically lit streets.

Timisoara dispose of a lot of facilities for spare time spending, among these are Theatres (Romanian, German, Hungarian), an Opera House, a Philharmonic Orchestra as well as The Banat Museum, and The Banat Village Museum, The Museum of the Romanian Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral.

More information about Timisoara City


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